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Another women's event happening at COGE entitled 'The Aspiring Woman'


I want every woman to know that even though it may seem there is only little oil in the jar, (2 Kings 2:4) suggesting limited opportuities, finances, skills, support, the little we have with God is enough! Enough to change our outlook/provision for life. We can do it, achieve it and reach our goals in life. We CAN make a difference for the future.


On the 23rd September, I want to gather together  a group of women who have a desire to 'fearlessly push in expectation!!!!! God is able to do so much with our little in connection with His strategies. Richard Branson is not only dyslexic but pushed through after 18 attempts massive results. What about you?


What are you equipped to achieve, come along and hear how others moved from being stuck with the dream to achieving so much. Come join us and lets identify those dreams and visions then put action plans to them.

Do it in a safe caring




Church of God Evangelism, Unimix House, Abbey Road

Park Royal, NW10 7TR    0208 965 2416


Aspiring Women Pictures

Aspiring Women's Day

23rd September 2017 10-4pm